Text 30 Oct Comeback Kings!!

I have to admit, at half time i was swearing like no tomorrow, blaming Arsene Wenger and threatening to burn my shirt. I was embarrassed to be an Arsenal fan. They were horrendous the worst I have ever seen them play..with so many senior players in the starting line up they should have been better!

Then before the stroke of half time Theo Walcott chipped the keeper beautifully and began what will be called the greatest comeback of all time.

I still cant find the words to describe what I saw…A dramatic comeback. Oliver Girouds perfectly placed header made it 4-2 arsenal kept ploughing away until the 89th Minute when Kis made up for his own goal and made it 4-3 then It happened the 95th minute saw the comeback completed..Theo Walcott or Carl Jenkinsons goal( we will leave it to the goal panel to decide) made all our dreams come true…

Extra time 5-4 a beautiful drive from Chamack, then arsenal were under pressure 5-5 Pogrebneyak equalised, then Theo turned up again , then Chamack finished it off with a superb chip..

I am of course just writing what we all know. I cant describe hwo I felt I was bouncing around the room, This mixed group of arsenal players had done the unthinkable, Eisfeld came on and changed the game, Walcott became a hero, Giroud finally looked like he ment buisness…I dont just want to keep repeating myself. But today I am proud to be a gunner!!  It was a memorable day for all football fans and one of the most entertaining games ever witnessed, unless you supported Reading or Arsenal..

Text 30 Oct Time to get back to work !!!

Right, sorry I’ve been away guys, had a load of work on, and wasn’t sure if I would be able to find the time to continue this blog. HOWEVER..after all of this weekend controversy how could I not begin again…

Mark Clattenberg was a disgrace during Sundays match between Chelsea and Manchester United. I’m not just taking about his alleged racial remarks towards Mikel and Mata. Im talking about his whole performance, he was inconsistent and biased from the start, In my opinion both sending off were sending offs, but IF he is going to get all mr big shot in such an important game he needs to be consistent.

Wayne Rooney should have seen a red card and a few more united players should have been booked. he was abysmal. This season will go down to the final day again I think and if that game was the game that stopped me winning the title, I would want him sacked. To the racism allegations…well it could not have come at a worse time for the young ref, he will be given the harshest treatment if found guilty. If not fair play.

That rant over now to my beloved Arsenal.. Tonight we take on Reading in what will undoubtedly see some of our brightest talents start. I am especially looking forward to seeing Serge Gnabry play more than ten mins. I hope this game can kick start a faltering start for us, It hasn’t been the greatest but I belive with a little hard work we can close that ten point gap down and maybe pinch a trophy. 

For now that is all, I will be back tonight after the game and permanently from now on !! 

Text 18 Jul

Once again transfer rumors are flying around! However I will not be writing about any of them I am taking another break until RVP has decided his future as There is literally nothing else to write about. So until then folks have a great one! 

Text 12 Jul 1 note My rumors

Hello guys! I have decided not to write every transfer rumor that appears on website as most of them are utter rubbish! I will only be writing what I can see happening. The main one for me is where Our beloved Captain Robin Van Persie will end up but seeing as we have no new news there I will put that to one side.

It has been reported today that Arsenal are on the verge of signing Mamadou Sakho. He is the exact type of player the gaffer would sign, he’s young, versitile and a huge presence is the back four, he would be a great addition. 8/10

Chelsea are reportedly reading a 15 million pound bid for Theo Walcott, I think Chelsea are trying to prove there dominance again and will show it by buying a big player from a big club plus I think with RVP most likely leaving who else will make Walcott look good? 6/10

Andy Carroll is on the verge of re-signing for Newcastle, sounds abit silly doesnt it, however he will not fit in to Brendan Rodgers’ style of play so this could be possible, personally I see the loan move to West ham more accurate. 7/10

Luka Modric is undoubtably on his way to Real Madrid and his replacement is likely to be Joah Moutinho, Having played for AVB before and being as good as he is AVB will sign him if Modric leaves. 8/10

Hugo Rodallega has signed a deal with Fulham on a free transfer, I hope he fulfills his potential and proves his doubters wrong he will undoubtedly shine under the experience of Martin Jol. Good luck to him! 

These are the main ones for me today. If i write everyone out we will be here all night and we will have read the same rumours all day I just like to put my opinion on the rumors!

I can’t wait until I can write a good article come pre season when most clubs will have signed there main players and will eb shaping up for the new season! Until then I will bring some news :) 

Text 9 Jul A club dividing or a club holding together?

Robin Van Persie’s statement declaring his intent to leave the club last week has caused all sorts of unrest among the Arsenal. The two major shareholders are at loggerheads and the fans are unsure of how to take the news. The players will obviously be upset to loose ANOTHER captain and friend and maybe think to themselves “well if a good offer come in for me will they sell me?”

Times are changing in football and whilst I admire the way Arsenal handle their finacial affairs it will ultimately see the club decline further, had we not such a successful manager we would have undoubtedly finished outside the top 5, which is very upsetting! 

In my opinion Usminov should be allowed on to the board, he owns 1 in 3 seats at the Emirates, he deserves a chance to have his input. Having Usminov does not mean he will put billions into the club and ruin their structure, he has said himself he respects their buisness model and only wishes to implement money where money is necessary. We have to compete with the big boys to a certain extent, offering higher wages to extend contracts ect, but we do not have to spend 30 million pound on random players we don’t need. I’m sure you have your opinions.

Arsenal have shown great intentions already in this transfer window and I believe with a couple more solid signings it would be a complete squad. However if the squad is split in opinion of the clubs direction due to RVP and the board well it could be catastrophic! We will have to wait all summer AGAIN to see what unfolds. Whatever happens no player is bigger than the club and I believe we can go on to achieve something this season! 

Text 6 Jul Im back!!!

Right I am back properly come monday and will be getting involved in every aspect of the transfer window! I refused to write whilst the Euros was on as I could not be bothered getting in debates over England or any other team. Hope your all well guys and ill be discussing all things football monday. Until then if you have any questions feel free to message me :) 

Quote 8 Jun 1 note
What a great start to the Euros! Two games we thought would be terrible were absolutely brilliant! Lets hope it stays that way when the big dogs start playing tomorrow.
Text 4 Jun 2 notes Who should Wenger sign?

We all know Le Prof will not go out paying 20 and 30 million pounds for players, but he surely knows he has to strengthen. We need to get rid of the dead weight who drain teh clubs wages and don’t contribute to the club. We all want to see Bendtner, Squillaci, Chamakh, Arshavin, Djourou and it pains me to say it Diaby, all leave. The question is will any club be willing to pay these mediocre players the wages they so easily get at Arsenal, I highly doubt it.

However who do we purchase incase he manages to rid of the rubbish? Like I said there won’t be any expensive signings but that doesn’t mean we still cant get quality so here is my list.

Goal Keeper - experienced to give Sczcesny some competition, Id say either Mark Schwarzer or Michel Vorm. Look at what Brad Freidel can still do, experience pays off and it would be good to have that experience commanding the box for set pieces.

Defenders - A right back is a must, Sagna has suffered two leg breaks in one season the poor lad, so we need an able replacement until he returns, I’d bid for either van der weil if Chelsea have not already grabbed him or put a cheeky bid in for Maicon, he is experienced and could well fancy ending his career in the Premier League. Right back is a hard gap to fill, so send me suggestions. 

At center back I would of loved to have seem Samba bought in Jan but he has now ventured to Russia, so I would like to see Montpellier’s Yanga M’bwia or Sakho from PSG. I don’t want Vertonghen he is obviously set on spurs and His heart wouldn’t be in it if he signed for us.

Center Midfield- Personally I want to see Yann M’villa he is a powerhouse and can hold the line when song ventures forward, however if that move doesn’t happen then I do want to see Biglia, I have watched him a lot this season and he is an anchor and his skill level is fantastic.

Attacking midfield - I really want Yoann Gourcuff at Arsenal, I have always admired him and think Arsene Wenger could bring out the best in him Also Clint Dempsey would be a great addition he has always risen to any challenge and I think he would be brilliant in the center of the park, he has Premier League experience also which is a bonus also Junior Hoilett would be a great signing. 

Strikers - With Podolski already signed my main signing would be a contract extension for RVP even if that happens I think we could do with one more and I would like that to be Giroud, he is rumoured to be on sale for around 10 million which would be a bargain. 

This is my list of players who would not break the bank (other than M’villa) Obviously there are other players I would love to see at the Emirates but they will be over priced and Wenger wont get into a bidding war. These are players who I believe can all be effective at Arsenal and push us to a trophy. 

Feel free to message me with other players you believe should be here next season.

Text 3 Jun 4 notes Roy what are you doing?!

Does Roy Hodgeson still think he is the manager of Liverpool or does he feel he has to make amends to the players? The current England squad now has 6 Liverpool players in it. Liverpool finished 8th in the Premier League why does this squad include these under performing, over priced players? The only one I see fit to wear an England shirt is Steven Gerrard, I do believe he is the man to lead England this summer however the others should not be there! Downing has 0 goals and 0 assists in the Premier League this season, Henderson is average at best and lacks creativity and Carrol has played well for about 2 hours overall this season.

What about Crouch, Richards, Ferdinand, Sturridge, Johnson, Lennon? All players who are proven at international level except Sturridge but he has bagged goals this season and they have all been consistent this season. I had little faith when I saw the squad, now looking at the injuries and the follishness of Roy Hodgeson’s replacements I have no faith left. I know people say give him a chance but he has already made many bad calls and the squad have not looked brilliant in their warm up games.

This squad is Embarrassing, I could take it if he was mixing the experience with the youngsters and planning for the future, but he has either left out or lost the majority of his experience now and the ones that were left out have refused to be a back up to Mr Hodgeson and it is understandable, the players mentioned above don’t want to be second best. It would be like you working your arse off at work to be told your not good enough and them demoting you. These players deserved to be there over the mediocrity that is being taken to represent this once talented nation.

I thought before hand there could be a minor chance we could get past the knock outs now looking at this squad I think we will be embarrassingly knocked out of the groups. I’m sorry if this rant seems OTT but this squad is a joke!

Quote 1 Jun 2 notes
Henderson for Lamps…………Really?!

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